Ross Mullaney Robbie Cannon

Working with Robbie Cannon was a hugely beneficial stage of my development as an athlete. The programmes were balanced and reflected what we wanted to achieve at different stages during the season. Sessions were planned for working hard but also increasing flexibility and movement. 

Robbie is considered, organised and exact in his approach. I thoroughly enjoyed the two seasons working together. His work with the team was a major factor in helping Laois secure back to back promotions in the national league. 

Ross Munnelly

Laois Senior Footballer

Conor Sweeney Tipperary

Robbie Cannon has had a massive impact on both myself personally and the (Tipperary) senior football squad as a whole. His in-depth knowledge and attention to detail in the “strength and conditioning” area is second to none. His ability to tailor exercises to our specific sport was paramount to our Munster championship success in 2020. Over the last two seasons his drive and ambition to be the best that you can possibly be has been an inspiration to us as athletes.

Conor Sweeney

Dave Kearney ‘ Irish ladies golf union coach

With Robbie,It’s the level of care really. He takes it quite personally. He feels like he is in it with the athlete. It’s the same when he deals with me. If I call and want some help, want him to look at or help someone, he”ll invariably invest within 24hrs. This approach is priceless.

I first met him in 2013 and asked him to help out with the team. He lived it with them, ate with them, trained with them and inspired a lot of them, players and coaches, to look after themselves.
If someone’s not interested, he won’t give them a hard time, but he”ll withdraw. I love that approach. I love his work. His way. He’s easy going but very serious about it. I’m glad I met him. He’s a great trainer but a better person. And I wish for him nothing but the best.

Dave Kearney