Robbie Cannon

Online Training

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How does it work?

Client Consultation – We initially carry out a client consultation either via telephone or Skype. During this consultation, we will carefully examine the following;

  • Goals – We will set out exactly what it is that you hope to achieve from this programme. That may be a specific weight, a specific look, a health or fitness goal, or all of the above.
  • Timescales – We will establish the timescale you want to use to achieve these goals.
  • Restraints – When and where you are able to train, dietary requirements or considerable work and family commitments are all taken into consideration. Essentially the aim is to cover all angles to ensure that what’s provided in terms of programme design for training and diet is realistic, effective and maintainable throughout.
  • Training – Relevant training history, including any previous or current injuries, as well as training experience and capabilities will be discussed.

Other aspects of the programme include;

Nutrition – We will usually request that you provide us with a 5-day food diary accounting for all food and drink intake, allowing us to assess your current nutritional circumstances.

The Design Phase – Next comes programme design. You will have a completely bespoke training programme issued to you, taking into consideration everything discussed within our confidential consultations. 

Education – Alongside your personal training programme, you are issued with a nutritional guidance document. We like to think of this predominantly as a re-education, so rather than prescribing specific foods to be eaten at set times every single day, we approach this in a more open-minded manner. This helps the client to make nutritionally ideal decisions independently day-to-day, that fully complement their training goals.

Support – Both training and nutritional progression is assessed as we go along together throughout the programme, adjustments are made where necessary along the way to ensure optimal results from your efforts. 

Tracking – In terms of progress tracking and monitoring, we assess weight on a weekly basis, with body measurements and progress photographs every 4 weeks, alongside monitoring fitness levels, general training and daily progress as often as we need.

The online coaching programme is a practical, effective way of achieving and surpassing client goals when one-to-one personal training sessions aren’t always possible, and at a fraction of the cost of regular personal training sessions.

The online training programme starts from as little as £85 for a 3 month programme. Get in touch and book in your complimentary consultation.