East and North

EAST @ Baltray

You would think 100% holing out from  inside 7 feet and zero three putts for 4 rounds that you may have a little trophy at the end of the week??? Sadly no trophy at baltray for me this year,  that went to richie o donavan with a splendid final round to win. Much deserved. Even though i putted so well i struggled with my ball flight all week and had two solid 72s but two poor rounds to finish 25th or something. Not really what i was looking for but on the positive side, putting was pleasing. (more…)

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speed and strength

Golf is a game of many skills and SPEED is without question one of the main skills needed. In fact one of the biggest problems I see in many golfers is their inability to produce enough clubhead speed in their golf swing to be able to hit the golf ball a reasonable distance. It can be argued that the modern game of golf is all about power and distance. The further you are able to hit the ball, the easier the game is without question. (more…)

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Ankle Mobility

Part 1: Ankle Mobility

The importance of ankle mobility for your golf swing can not be overstressed. The ankle needs to be mobile enough to allow you to transfer your weight in both backswing and downswing. If your ankles are tight you wont be able to move your lower leg or rotate it during the swing. Furthermore your knees will not be properly loaded and wont be able to keep your hips stable during the swing! Your swing will suffer and will lead to faulty movement patterns which is the most common cause of injuries in golf. So it is vital that you keep your ankles nice and mobile as the golf swing really does start from the ground up. (more…)

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The importance of sports science

So far in my career as a strength and conditioning coach i have came across a lot of patterns while screening  golfers that i train. The majority of the players have a strength training age of zero. Every single one of them has some kind of stability and mobility issue. Almost every one of them have insufficient strength in their glutes with some even struggling to activate them. Core strength is therefore non existent and the ability to store and release power in the golf swing is diminished. As one of the coaches in the darren clarke golf school said last week the inside controls the outside in the golf swing. What he meant by that was that the swing is controlled by your core muscles not by your hands and arms. Having a strong core should be the number one strength goal for a golfer. (more…)

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