The year is 2008. I had been hitting the gym for over a decade. For the first six years I thought I was training the right way and eating the right foods. Using machines and running on treadmills. Sure, I was lean and looked fit but I was not happy with my physique. I resembled a long distance runner but i wanted to look like a sprinter. I was certainly not as strong as I should be for a guy of 6 ft 2 and training 3-4 times a week for 90 minutes at a time. I was not making any gains and didn’t have much muscle mass. I certainly didn’t look ripped. I was swimming against the tide. This had to change.

About Robbie CannonI decided to educate myself starting with a return back to college to study sports science. I was very fortunate to meet and surround myself with some really smart people. I started to learn. I realised what I had been doing the previous six years was counter productive. More importantly I started to train more efficiently and started to eat like a proper athlete. Within a few weeks I started to see some amazing results. Muscle started to appear in places that never had before. Bodyfat was stripping off me really fast. My body shape really started to change and I started to look like a sprinter rather than a distance runner. My mobility and stability improved and my body started to look more balanced. I was hitting the ball further and much more consistently.

It was no coincidence following a winter of training the proper way, I won my first major amateur championship that summer and made my international debut for Ireland. Getting myself into proper athletic shape was one of the main reasons for that successful season. There is no doubt in my mind that i would not have achieved two of my life ambitions if i had not made these training and lifestyle changes.

The following year I decided to help people train more productively and eat better. There is so many people making the same mistakes I had made. Wasting  many valuable hours training the wrong way achieving limited results. It has brought me much satisfaction to see how my clients have changed their training ways and are now starting to achieve their training and sporting goals. Beginning to train and look like athletes. Starting to hit the golf ball further with more ease. Finally being able to play golf without any discomfort or pain.  For me that is my why.